Notes from La Peninsula

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Summer Time - Sangria Time
  Sangria is the summer drink of choice at La Peninsula as this alcoholic beverage originated in Spain and Portugal and under EU regulations only those two Iberian nations can label their product as Sangria! The name 'Sangria' means blood-letting...
Ubrique - The Secret Behind European Luxury Leather Goods
Remote and unassuming, Ubrique is an town steeped in the art of leather and one of the best kept secrets of Europe's luxury brands.
Costa Nova - Sustainable Ceramics

We are proud of Costa Nova, not only for their unique and elegant stoneware collections but also for their positive social and enviormental approach within their business. 

Barby's Ensaladilla Rusa
Ensaladilla Rusa - the perfect tapa to refuel your energy and please your party guests
Barby's Spanish Omelette

'Every cloud has a silver lining' This is the case of the Spanish omelette which according to the legend, was first invented by a Carlist general as an economical and nutritious way to feed the army during the Carlist Wars (Series of Spanish Civil War 1833-1876).

Cadiz - Amazing Carnivals in the South of Spain

Cadiz's Carnival is a sociological phenomenon full of humor, music and art.  This street party started in the 16th century and still goes on with its rebellious character.

Barby's Cocido Madrileño - Madrid's Sunday Lunch Staple
Cocido Madrileño - A "plato de cuchara" - what the Spanish love most in the winter
Eco Gres® - Proving that ergonomic beauty and sustainability can go hand in hand
Eco-Gres® - Proving that ergonomic beauty and sustainability can go hand in hand
24 Hours with LZF's Lens Wall Light
In the following short film 'Twenty-Four Hours of Lens" we see how LZF's Lens wall light brightens the world of its owner as we turn a lens onto a day in her life.
Candle Light Reading

Immerse yourself in the pleasure of candle light reading with one of our exclusive handmade candles made of 100% natural materials such as: soya wax, cotton wick and the most exquisite fragrances.

Candlemaking Tutorial from Mario Silva
A step-by-step candle making tutorial to show how easy it is to turn your left over cooking oil into 'The Most Eco Friendly' scented decorative candle for your home.
LZF's Wins Spanish National Award
Another award winning year for LZF and their passion for lighting.