Notes from La Peninsula

Adios Amigos | Farewell from La Peninsula
Dear customers, friends, family and other supporters    It is with a heavy heart that we have taken the difficult decision to close La Peninsula.  After more than two years of discovery, effort, hard work and a lot of fun, we are enormously...
Galician Beef | Best. Beef. Ever
We were lucky enough recently to try some delicious Galician Beef Fillet, cooked by our friend Glen in his trusty Green Egg. We bought it from Yorkshire based Spanish food importer Basco Fine Foods, where they recommended cutting the impressive...
Portuguese Tiling | An Alluring Form of Art

The Portuguese have created art in the act of tiling, with every scene being a reflection of Portugal's cultural and architectural history.

Jerez Love Affair | Flamenco & Sherry

Jerez de la Frontera, one of the hidden jewels of Andalucia, filled with passion, culture and majestic architecture.

The Three Kings - a magical tradition
The Three Kings perform the same role as Santa Claus at Christmas so on the evening of the 5th children leave go to bed while grownups stay up until very late chatting and enjoying family time.
Portuguese Brigadeiros | A Mouthful of Indulgence

Brigadeiros are a traditional party treat which can be prepared up to a week before the party! They are a mouthful of indulgence that no one can resist!

Turrón | Spanish Christmas Delicacy
Turrón - Christmas delicacy enjoyed by the Iberians since the MIddle Age
That Wabi Sabi Feeling
We've got that Wabi Sabi feeling - but what exactly does that mean?
Costa Nova | Sustainable Ceramics

We are proud of Costa Nova, not only for their unique and elegant stoneware collections but also for their positive social and enviormental approach within their business. 

Colour Friday | A Creative Alternative to Black Friday
At La Peninsula we celebrate colour and pattern so we are joining in with 'Colour Friday' to promote the interests of small, independent businesses in the UK
The Curated Store | Discover Small Brands With Big Stories
The Curated Store - A place to discover small brands with big stories in an attractive boutique environment
Pisto | Delicious Spanish Vegetable Stew
Learn the secrets to creating the delicioius Spanish vegetable stew that will have even die-hard veggie haters licking their plate!
Discovering Artisan Cheese in the Picos de Europa
An expected hike to find a hidden lake leads to the discovery of a unique way of life and a true example of gastronomic craftsmanship
Character, Elegance & Great Location | Plaza Mayor - Madrid
Hotel Pestana - Elegantly combining 17th century baroque architecture with 21st century sophisticated interiors
Ciudad Rodrigo | Medieval Walled City
This medieval town in the province of Salamanca has a rich history and gastronomy to go with it!
Metro Bistro Restaurant | A Hidden Jewel in the centre of Madrid
A hidden gem close to the Plaza Mayor, Metro Bistro's founderMatias Smith focuses on constantly delivering the best avant-garde cuisine and service possible
Barby's Gazpacho | Healthy and Refreshing!
Spanish cold tomato soup from Andalusia.  The perfect antidote for hot summer days - delicious, healthy, easy to make and low on calories!
Walking the Camino de Santiago | Teresa's Way
Inspirational story from Clapham resident Teresa Israel about her first adventure walking the Camino de Santiago in her 70s which shows us that it is never too late to take up a new challenge - where there is a will, there is a way!
Viti Vinci | Distilling Nature
Immersive experiences in Mallorca designed by Viti Vinci to lift your spirits and stimulate your senses through the science of aromachology
Sommergrün Candles | Nature's Insect Repellant
Enjoy your alfresco evenings with the help of our giant citronella and cucumber candles to ward off pesky invaders!
Pico Island | Discover Culinary Delights with Oh! My Cod Tours
Oh! My Cod Tours' specially curated culinary journey to the Azorean island of Pico - a hidden gem in the Portuguese archipelago - not to be missed!