Cadiz | Amazing Carnivals in the South of Spain

We all know that the Spanish know how to have fun, but what everyone does not know outside Spain, it's that the 'Gaditanos' (people from Cadiz) are known to be the best at doing so!  Nothing will stop a Gaditano from having a good time, hence the reason why the Cadiz carnival was the only Spanish carnival that Franco didn't manage to cancel during his thirty six years of dictatorship (1939-1975).

Due to the pandemic, the Cadiz Carnival survives adversity.  Despite Cadiz's Town Hall postponing the official celebration of the official street party this February, the Gaditanos cannot live a February without carnival, so the carnival will go ahead unofficially.

To experience Carnival visit Cadiz from 26th of February to the 3rd of March (for the unofficial celebration) or from the 2nd to 12th June (for the official event). You will enjoy a carnival like no other! Fly to either Seville, Gibraltar or Jerez de la Frontera and prepare yourself to hear carnival music in every corner, be surrounded by fancy-dress costumes, dance, and colour for over a week.

This is the most fun-filled and entertaining party of the Spanish calendar! The whole city gets involved and you must too. Prepare to sing and dance to 'chirigotas' (satirical songs) from day to night while you delight yourself with the delicious fried fish, seafood and sherry wine from the region.

For more information about this glorious parade, please visit: Carnival festivities in Cadiz. 09/06/2022. Fiestas in Cádiz | in english

Please check before travelling as the Spanish Government might change the carnival dates again!