Ciudad Rodrigo | Medieval Walled City

Ciudad Rodrigo Hospital

Ciudad Rodrigo, a cathedral town in the province of Salamanca, has a Historic-Artistic Site status and as such it is a town that makes you travel back in time.  Its medieval wall, its impressive square surrounded by stately buildings, numerous palaces and mansions makes you feel you are living a different era.  The impressive Cathedral which has a mixture of artistic styles dating from 1165 until 1550 is the most important religious building in Ciudad Rodrigo. Aside from its historical importance, Ciudad Rodrigo is also the home of numerous restaurants and bars.  Typical dishes from the region are the Farinato (a type of sausage made with breadcrumbs, pork fat, paprika and other spices) the chanfaina (based on rice and pork), hornazo (a type of pie) and suckling pig. 

The origin of Ciudad Rodrigo goes back to the Neolithic period around the 6th century BC.  Since then, it has been inhabited by Celtics, Romans, Arabs and  by Christians in the the XII century when King Fernando II reconquered the city.  The Count Rodrigo González Girón repopulated the city and gave his own name to this impressive fortified town.

When you visit Ciudad Rodrigo it is also well worth adding a visit to Sierra de Gata, situated at the foot of the city.  The magnificent mountain range has pretty villages, flower-filled meadows and an infinite number of walking trails.
Finally, if you have an interest in bullfights you should not miss the Carnaval del Toro (bull carnival) where amateur and professional bullfights take place every year in the main city square.