Eco Gres® | Proving that ergonomic beauty and sustainability can go hand in hand

Costa Nova is a Portuguese brand dedicated to designing and manufacturing tableware and accessories made of fine stoneware from the best natural resources in Portugal.  The range is very contemporary and evokes the laidback Mediterranean lifestyle which centres around enjoying quality time with family and friends over good food and conversation.

As well as its style credentials, parent company Grestel, is also recognised for its commitment to sustainable production and environmentally friendly business practices without compromising on the quality of design and production.

The company's quest to engage in the "circular economy" is integrated into all aspects of its business, including seeking collaboration with a local university (Universidade de Aveiro) which has resulted in an upgraded (recycled) raw material that contributes to natural resources preservation, energy efficiency and provides health and safety advantages through the reduction of waste which would otherwise be disposed of in landfill.

The result of their efforts are the Plano and Lagoa Eco Gres collections which are made using the new Eco-Gres® material - a reinvented clay, made of non-hazardous recycled materials, derived from the surplus of parent company, Grestel's factory production. It is completely eco-friendly and proves that ergonomic beauty and sustainability can go hand in hand.


How is Eco-Gres® Made?

The production process begins by collecting clay waste from the factory and combining it with other materials in order to stabilise the final composition. The recycled clay represents approximately 25% of all clay purchased from external suppliers. Finally, Eco Gres® consists of 90% recycled materials and other substances.

In the end, a homogeneous and flexible clay body is obtained, ready to be (re) used in Grestel’s production line. The whole process takes place within the same factory, also contributing to the reduction of their carbon footprint.