Metro Bistro Restaurant | A Hidden Jewel in the centre of Madrid

Metro_Retro_Restaurant_Dessert_Deer_Red_Cabbage_RollsMetro Bistro restaurant is one of Madrid's hidden secrets.

Located in central Madrid, just of Madrid's famous main square, Plaza Mayor, it offers delicious, sophisticated food combined with unparalleled service at a very modest price.  

The wine selection is equally impressive and it has a fantastic atmosphere despite its disappointing lighting and overall decor.  Often aesthetics are given more importance than quality so we decided to enquire about this incongruence between the restaurant decoration and the quality of the food and overall experience. Matias Smith (founder and chef of Metro Bistro) explained that his efforts were more focused on constantly creating avant-garde cuisine, as demonstrated in his dishes.

We loved our time in his restaurant, everything was done with excellent care and attention to detail, our waiter was a professional who loved his job and was extremely proud of presenting every dish we enjoyed. We delighted ourselves with the food tasting menu but the table next to us opted for some a la carte dishes that looked equally amazing.
We hope you have the chance to visit this restaurant and enjoy it as much as we did.  A word of advice -  make sure you go with an appetite as the portions are as generous as they are delicious!

METRO BISTRO RESTAURANT, one of the best restaurants in Madrid (