Sommergrün Candles | Nature's Insect Repellant

SOMMERGRÜN candles mosquito repellant

Summer - the season we eagerly await - sun shining, vacations with family and friends, barbecues, swimsuits and sangria.  We love those long days, warm weather and happy feelings but hand in hand with the warm evenings we also often experience the arrival of irritating insects that so often ruin our delicious al fresco dinners and cause us all to spend sleepless nights itching!

This situation must be avoided at all cost and this is why at La Peninsula we do our best to bring you the best variety of candles to add to your tool box for keeping the mosquitos at bay!  Cerebella has been making candles since 1862 so they are masters in the trade. Their Sommergrün candles have a wonderfully fresh combination of citronella and cucumber scent to ward off our pesky friends. These candles also have thick wicks and with their contemporary rustic aesthetic, they are perfect for any exterior space.

Cerabella mixes Javanese citronella with natural essence of eucalyptus and essential oils of orange and lemon from Sicily - the result is a Mediterranean perfume with refreshing notes of cucumber essence, ideal for the summer time.

FUN FACT! Did you know that Citronella oil is not only used to repel insects but also has been used for centuries for many health giving and medicinal reasons?