Castelbel | Capturing the Essence of Portugal

Founder Aquiles Barros states that at Castelbel they "don’t make soaps; we make gifts”!  And beautiful ones they are too!

Castelbel's name reflects two characteristics that remain intrinsic to its company values: it combines the name of its hometown (Castêlo da Maia, in Greater Porto) with the word beauty, which is present in what they produce and how they produce their products.

Castelbel linen wrapped soap on a bathroom tray beside a plant pot    Image of Porto seaside port


Castelbel is a growing company, based in Porto, continuing to refine its scented soaps, home fragrances and body care products for an international clientele. Inspired by the idyllic landscape of the Douro River Valley, their products capture the aromas, colours and ambience of Portugal, simultaneously blending tradition with a contemporary Portuguese flair.  They take you on a journey of the senses where the warm sun and blue ocean nourish the soul and comforts the spirit.