Cerabella has an impressive candle-making history dating back to the 19th century. It all started in 1862 when its spirited and innovative founder Francesca Abella overcame the many prejudices and obstacles in her path and acted upon her desire to open her own candle workshop. Cerreria Abella's initial workshop was founded in the Plaça del Pedró in a popular Barcelona neighbourhood known as el Raval and since this time, it has become a Barcelona institution, with its very own shop which is situated on the famous Las Ramblas.

The company was founded at a time when candles were a necessity, before invention of electricity, when wax was bleached under the Mediterranean sun to make the candles that would light up the darkness at the end of a long day. However, as the installation of electricity became more ubiquitous, the business of candle-making had to be redefined and subsequent generations of the Abella family have had to continuously innovated and reinvent their business concept.

During the 1960’s Cerabella inaugurated its commitment to quality and innovation to turn what had previously been an essential every day product into a continuous creation of interesting decorative shapes, scents, colours and uses for which the company is renowned.


Between the former workshop and the current factory more than 150 years of research have gone into ensuring this unique craft survives. Their beautiful collections are still essentially handmade, a slow process which, "like a flame, defeats the maelstrom of time".