Cookplay | Basque Avant-garde Tableware

If you are a "foodie" and appreciate gastronomy and a complete dining experience, you will appreciate Cookplay, the avant-garde designer tableware brand created by the basque industrial designer Ana Roquero.

Following her education at Kingston University in London and before the formation of her own brand, Ana spent 20 years working as an external consultant for some of Spain's most successful companies, designing a wide range of high-end products. Ana's intention behind Cookplay was to redefine the modern table with creative, refreshing products which worked in harmony with the sensibility of the new food culture. She was reflecting on shared food experiences, sometimes more informal, where the real luxury comes from gastronomy's ingredients, chefs creativity, skill and innovation and the incorporation of more natural elements in presenting culinary creations.

In 2014, Cookplay won a Red Dot Design Award for Jomon, a set of bowls and trays made of porcelain and glass, shaped like a shell designed to rest in your hand and inspired by the origins of culinary art. The accompanying hollowed trays provide a resting place for both the small dip bowls or larger bowls. In a short period of time, Cookplay has achieved a global presence and has garnered numerous national and international awards in the field of design, business and hospitality.

Cookplay owner Ana Roquero dressed in white porcelain bowl in hand

“Cookplay was born to break new ground and its first product, Jomon, allows everyone to create their own ideal meal with fascinating style and versatile solution. Jomon is the result of the co-existence of the most universal forms of eating”

As might be expected from an avant-garde tableware brand from the Basque region of Spain, Cookplay tableware is in good culinary company as its products have featured in many of Spain's top Michelin restaurants including Arzak and El Celler de Can Roca.

Cookplay believes in porcelain as one of the most durable and precious materials on earth and because of its strength, it considers that it is probably the most sustainable material to produce its designs. Cookplay only uses the highest quality of porcelain: Bone China which is fired at 1300º C were it vitrifies and even without a glazed finish the material will have no pores.