Costa Nova | Capturing the Essence of the Mediterranean Spirit

Portuguese tableware brand Costa Nova was born in a small Portuguese fishing village, near the Atlantic Ocean. It is known for its colourful wooden beach homes that became a famous vacation spot because it captured the essence of the Mediterranean spirit. 

The love of life, family, friends and good food has inspired Costa Nova to create fine stoneware collections that combine quality and design with the best in ceramic craftsmanship.

The brand produces innovative and sustainable stoneware, made from the best natural resources in Portugal. It embraces “handmade” and preserves its European heritage in the manufacture of its stoneware collections, bringing to the table and to the home unique and elegant pieces designed for modern lifestyles without comprising longevity.

Sustainability lies at the heart of everything they do:

  • Their stoneware products are eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable
  • Costa Nova uses local, natural resources, minimising its ecological footprint
  • Single-fired production saves energy and reduces emissions into the atmosphere
  • Products are produced using a high percentage of recycled materials (clays and glazes), decreasing the use of capital, energy, and natural resources
  • Investing in projects such as Eco-Gres® - recycled stoneware highlights the constant focus on the development of eco-friendly products.

All Costa Nova products are fired in a single firing system that is heated to 1,180 degrees Celsius (2,160 degrees Fahrenheit). Because they use this original high-fired stoneware formula, Costa Nova products have a glazed surface that is extremely heat resistant to thermal shock and is chip resistant. Most Costa Nova items can be washed daily in the dishwasher.

All Costa Nova stoneware is oven, microwave, and freezer safe, withstanding temperature variations from -20 degrees Celsius and 250 degrees Celsius. All Costa Nova products are food safe and have been tested to confirm that they contain no lead or cadmium.