Mantas Ezcaray | Master Weavers

Mantas Ezcaray has been knitting with the finest natural fibres in Ezcaray, La Rioja, Spain since the 1930s when founder Cecilio Valgañón converted the production of cloths on his handlooms for the manufacture of handkerchiefs, scarves, scarves and blankets.

His innovation continued in the 1950s with the incorporation of mohair from local Angora goats into his creations. This approach been continued by his children, who continue to innovate and expand their company globally.

The traditional techniques the region's expert craftsmen employed to wash, dye, weave, knit and brush the mohair continue to this day, with minimal mechanisation, proudly preserving these artisanal processes. Only the best natural fibres are employed by these skillful, expert hands, transforming the raw wool into a stunning combinational of colourful, unique hand-made heirloom blankets, scarves and throws which are adored by all who are lucky enough to own one.

This impressive company has an absolute commitment to maintaining traditional methods, quality and respect for the environment demonstrated by the national  and international certificates and recognitions that accredit it.