Carla García is the force behind the Madrid brand MIYAYA. Carla studied Fine Arts, Design and Photography and after having pursued her career, in 2015 she decided to restore and revitalise her family's old ceramic workshop in Torrelodones and re-orient it towards the renewed demand for modern, daring ceramics, with a focus on principles of sustainability.

Each of MIYAYA's pieces are created and handmade in the workshop because Carla believes that making unique pieces makes her own work unique and in turn she believes that the gift of her work makes that gift unique.

Like many artisans returning to traditional forms of working and craftsmanship, MIYAYA wants to fulfil several functions.

"On the one hand, I speak of utilitarian ceramics. I declare myself against planned obsolescence, the temporary usefulness of products and the term "use and throw away." We consume an enormous amount of products that have a very limited life, in fact, some of these have only one use. From this concept - the usefulness of the products, their entity as an element, their lifespan and their beauty - utilitarian ceramics arises" - Carla Garcia

From these ideas, MIYAYA's first collection, No Plastic, was developed by turning these pieces of everyday throwaway plastic into ceramics, "leaving their short existence behind to make them durable and imperishable"