Plego - Paper Pleasure

"Paper is our medium and our passion. We experiment with the array of possibilities offered by this material, exploring textures, shapes and colours, fold by fold."

Plego, a Spanish company based in Girona, is the creation of brothers Joan and David Corominas. As designers with experience in product modelling, graphic design and communication, they brought together their passion for origami and product design, creating a paper modelling product that invites you to discover a world of paper fauna.

Their 3D paper kits are inspired by nature and organic forms and provide an activity that is both fun and educational and encourage the use of your imagination while facilitating the development of skills such as creativity, cognitive capacity and fine motor skills. It gives you the chance to learn about the natural environment while having fun time building something with your own hands. Everything comes prepared; all you have to do is enjoy putting them together.

As well as their kits, Plego experiments with all the possibilities offered by this material, exploring textures, shapes and colours, fold by fold. They have completed interesting installations for well know companies such as Loewe.

Plego are firmly committed to producing top-quality, environmentally friendly products based on well thought out, attractive and original designs.  Plego kits use paper manufactured without added acids and with the FSC seal, sourced from responsible forestry. All of their products are manufactured locally and are plastic free.

Plego's constructions kits are for lovers of beautiful things, for crafting enthusiasts, passionate ornithologists and those who want to engage in an educational activity with the youngest of the house.  With their ready-cut pieces, all you have to do is fold, glue and enjoy the challenge!