The Greatest Candle in the World

The Greatest Candle in the World is a revolutionary company that is teaching us how to love our waste, helping us contribute to a more sustainable world and contributing to turning the concept of a circular economy into a reality.

This wonderful company, makes sustainable scented candles a reality by using innovative technology (Oil2Wax) that, applied to wasted vegetable oil or cosmetic oils, allows the creation of ecological candles scented with fantastic fragrances. Customers can either buy ready made, eco-friendly candles or produce them themselves, using a DIY candle kit.   

The company has also developed an educational project known as “De Fio a Pavio” where they carry out training, activities and workshops in schools and events throughout Portugal, to raise awareness amongst children, young people and their families about the end of the vegetable cooking oils lifecycle, and their role in a circular economy.

For these, and many other reasons that you will discover when buying their products, we have chosen this amazing company to form part of our launch collection.