Woodendot | Design With Intention

Woodendot is a brand which specializes in making modern and minimalistic wooden furniture that can be passed from generation to generation.   Every piece is inspired by nature and are simple yet with personality, elegant and timeless.  

The brand philosophy is based on sustainability and artisan production. Daniel García and María José Vargas together with their team of professionals, design and oversees the production of their unique range.  The company's motor is to carefully craft furniture and accessories designed to transform your life, always ensuring the highest quality of every piece.

Woodendot has strong commitment with the environment, they only use FSC certified woods and their production is locally done in Spain by local craftsmen. Furthermore, Woodendot plants a tree for every product they sell and collaborate in the reforestation projects in Haiti. All their packaging is recycled and recyclable and their revolutionary give-back program which recycles old furniture, contributes to a circular economy.

These are just some of the reasons why Woodendot is a perfect 'Amigo' of La Peninsula and we feel extremely proud to present some of their office range products to you.