Product Credentials

Products are made by an artists collective or individual designer/maker in small quantities and /or elements of the products are crafted personally by hand.
Social Responsiblity
This brand's policies promote the well-being of society through their labour policies, participation in fairtrade programmes, volunteering, educational programmes and charitable giving
Products in this collection can be customised
Prioritise Local Production
More than 70% of the products in this collection are locally produced
Low Impact
Producers actively engage in seeking to minimise the environmental impact of their products over their production lifecycle. This can include reducing plastic, more efficient transportation, energy consumption and eco-friendly packaging solutions.
Earth Friendly
Wooden products are made using wood certified as being sourced from responsibly managed and sustainable forests.
Circular Economy
The products in this collection endeavour to use reusuable, renewable and non-toxic resources, pollution and waste are designed out or reused as a resource and/or product lifetimes are extended.
No Nasties!
This collection is made with natural, non-toxic raw materials