Portus Cale Black Edition shaving brush, shaving soap pot and bottle of cologne in a wooden tray with some leafed branches.
Portus Cale Black Edition Shaving Brush
Portus Cale Black Edition Shaving Brush
Portus Cale Black Edition Shaving Soap pot with Black Edition After Shave Balm and shaving brush siting beside a landscape photo and a green leaved branch

Portus Cale Black Edition Shaving Brush

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Shaving brushes and soaps are a greener alternative to the disposable men's grooming products of the 20th century, as well as also having significant benefits for men's skincare and the overall quality of their shave.

Castelbel's Black Edition Shaving Brush is handmade with natural pure badger hair with a height of 55mm and a handle made of ash wood with black varnish. Pure badger hair performs particularly well for wet shavers who like a massaging effect while preparing to shave. This is an ideal complement to your husband's, father's or son's personal routine and works particuarly well with the Black Edition Shaving Soap.

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Weight 70g
Size 5 cm (⌀) x 14 cm

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