About Us

Barbara and Deborah Photo for International Womens DayWe are Barbara and Deborah, the founders of La Peninsula, a new home and lifestyle business, based in London.

We both have a Spanish connection - Barbara is originally from Madrid and Deborah is married to a Spaniard. Through a series of fortunate events, we developed a wonderful friendship and realised that we both had a vision for a new business and in 2021 we decided that we couldn’t wait any longer to convert our dream into a reality - bringing the Iberian Peninsula’s laidback, luxury lifestyle to the UK. 

Spain and Portugal both have a rich history of craftsmanship evident in each country's architecture, design and industry. Spain has an established position in the contract furniture market and is well known for its lighting and tile manufacturing. Portugal is also well established in producing furniture, textiles and ceramics.  There is an abundance of skill and talent within both countries and we hope to build a collection that encapsulates the fusion of traditional craftsmanship with modernity and contemporary design - all originating from the Iberian Peninsula.  We want you to experience the joy of Spain and Portugal in your own homes through the enjoyment of these beautiful items.

We believe in the idea of slowing down and enjoying the simple things in life. Longevity, authenticity and the passion for discovery are at the heart of our brand. We want to focus on building long-term relationships with our suppliers and  customers, making them part of our journey and welcoming them into La Peninsula's laid back style of living. Our brand philosophy, outlined below, is the foundation for the relationships we build and the way we conduct our business. 


Our dream is to take you on a journey to help you discover the real Spain and Portugal.  We want to bring you the sophistication, simplicity and quirky nature of our products and to uncover the secrets to laid back, luxury living from this special part of the world. We hope you choose to join us and become our "Amigo"!