Front view of Cocoon Aeris Fireplace from Cocoon Fires. The fire place is hanging from the ceiling of a kitchen and it is placed next to a modern kitchen table. The Cocoon Aeris is black and has a silver steel colour bar.
Style living picture of a black with silver steel bar Cocoon Aeris Fireplace from Cocoon Fires. The fireplace is in the corner of the livingroom next the window
Close up view from the top of a  silver steel colour Cocoon Aeris Fireplace from Cocoon Fires.
Close up view from the top of a silver steel colour Cocoon Aeris Fireplace from Cocoon Fires filled up with ice and bottle to show the possible use of the fireplace as an ice bucket

Aeris Bio Ethanol Fire Place

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The Cocoon Aeris is a unique contemporary bioethanol fireplace designed by the celebrated designer Federico Otero.  The Aeris is incredibly versatile as it can be hung from the ceiling or relocated from room to room with the use of additional fitted mounting brackets, converting it into the free-standing Cocoon Pedestal fireplace. 

See the following video to learn more about this magnificent and multipurpose fireplace.

The following attributes make this an indispensable fireplace for any home:

  • Runs on bio ethanol making it clean and environmentally friendly
  • 1.5 litre burner (6 hours burning time per refill)
  • No chimney required as it does not emit any smoke
  • By removing the ethanol-burning box, the inside can be used for other purposes, such as storage or as an ice bucket! 
  • It can hung from almost any ceiling as it is lightweight
  • 6 height settings can be readjusted to your specific needs (180cm fully extended) 
  • Mounting Rod with 6-level length included (180cm / 142 cm / 134.5 cm / 125.5 cm / 116.5 cm / 107.5 cm / 98.5 cm)
  • 360 degree rotation so the flames can be enjoyed from all angles
  • Additional accessories enable relocation to other indoor or outdoor settings 

Finishes Available in polished stainless steel (which can be left outdoors due to its marine grade finish) and carbon jet black

Lead Time  Please email us to find out about the exact lead time.

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Technical Information

This includes

Mounting bracket at 2.5 cm(h)
Hanging Pole at 142 cm (h)
Cocoon at 38 cm (h)

Combustion Chamber Capacity 0.5 litres (burns Up to 5 hours)

Main Body 60 cm ()  x 38 cm (h)

Adjustable Hanging System
Mounting Plate: 19 cm () 2.5 cm (h)

Adjustable Hanging Pole 6 height positions
98.5 cm  – minimum extension
107.5 cm
116.5 cm
125.5 cm 
134.5 cm
142 cm
182.5 cm – full extension

Extension poles for high ceilings
50 cm
100 cm

Mounting brackets for pitched or angled roofs angled (please see accessories)

Additional Mounting Plates are available so your Cocoon Aeris can be hung in various locations throughout your home.

Materials and Finish
Cocoon Shell Carbon Steel with High Heat Resistant Black Finish

Paint 70% Matt , 30% Satin Finish

Mounting Bracket 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mirror Finish

Hanging Pole 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hairline Finish.

Combustion Chamber 304 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hairline Finish.

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