Table with candle care kit accessories surrounding a lit candle, reading glasses, pink rose and some antique books
Black metal candle snuffer, cutter and dipper laying on the candle care tray
Black metal candle cutter from Cerabella
Cerabella black metal candle dipper
Cerabella candle snuffer in black metal
Black metal candle care tray for candle care kit accessories
Cerabella candle care accessories in their fabric wrap

Candle Care Kit

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Cerabella puts in our hands a candle care kit to ensure that candle lovers can care for their candles and ensure that they get the most enjoyment out of them. The set is organised in an elegant case making it easy to have the tools to hand. This would make a fabulous gift for any candle lover.

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Set includes

User guide
1 x candle wick trimmer with a receptacle to shorten the burned and excess wick
1 x candle wick dipper to extinguish the candle flame quickly and without smoke
1 x candle wick snuffer to extinguish the candelabra candles avoiding splashes of wax
1 x Care tray

Materials Black metal with a satin finish

Dimensions 31 cm × 25 cm

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