Casa Cubista Splatter Chroma Max Bowl Hand painted Green terracota bowl and blue terracota bowl
Top view of Casa Cubista terracota bowl and plates in blue and green
Chroma Speckled Bowl
Casa Cubista style life picture of chroma max collecion  bowl, plate and tumblers
Casa Cubista ceramist holding a terracota large platter

Chroma Speckled Bowl

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Bring some colour to your table with this Casa Cubista's bold approach to hand thrown ceramics. The size of this bowl is ideal for side salads, soups, fruit or to decorate your table as an additional accent bowl. Also available in a beautiful combination of lime and dark green.

Casa Cubista's ceramists produce all of their products  In the family pottery workshop with each piece being shaped on Rui's pottery wheel before being hand painted by his aunt Regina. As handmade products, each piece has a unique finish and products may vary slightly.

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Dimensions 17 .5cm ( ⌀ ) x 8 cm (h)
Material: Terracotta - Uses a clay with a rich body colour giving the characteristic base colour, and has a low glaze firing allowing bright coloured glazes. Porous body allows for good thermal expansion and contraction properties making it an ideal body for cookware such as tajines and roasters. 
Care instructions: In order to maintain intact the beauty of this piece throughout generations, hand wash is recommended.  Some marks in the glaze are natural and expected, as is some crazing. This will not affect the use or durability of the pieces.

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