Coconut Shampoo Bar
Coconut Shampoo Bar

Coconut Shampoo Bar

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Castelbel's Coconut Shampoo bar offers the best – and most fragrantly exotic – in natural hair care. It is enriched with kaolin and castor oil to nurture your hair, with an olive and coconut oils base. These components create a fragrant, eco-friendly bar with a creamy lather which, combined with essential oils, creates a practical shampoo bar which can also be used on your body!  It has a slightly curved design to fit easily in your hand and, best of all, its deliciously sweet coconut aroma will make your hair the centre of attention!

For best results please use the matching Coconut Conditioner Bar.

More Information

Kaolin, a type of white clay often used in natural beauty remedies.  It is beneficial for your hair and is particularly good for those with fine or naturally oily hair, as it leaves the hair clean and voluminous, but not too dry. It can also help tame naturally coarse or frizzy hair.

Size 9 cm × 6 cm × 4.5 cm

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