Casa Fina circular natural cork trive
Casa  Fina circular natural cork trivet with white serving bowl and wooden serving spoons sitting on kitchen bench
Cork Trivet - 30cm
Cork Trivet - 30cm
Casa Fina circular white cork trivet set of three stacked against wall
Cork Trivet - 30cm
Cork Trivet - 30cm

Cork Trivet - 30cm

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These gorgeous circular cork trivets are both practical and decorative. Cork has natural insulating properties and water impermeability which makes it the perfect heatproof material to rest any hot kitchen appliances.  Also its marble like texture will give your kitchen a sophisticated yet natural look.

If you are conscious of your environmental footprint, you can rest assured that buying cork products helps to reduce greenhouse gases that cause climate change.  Harvested cork trees absorb 3-5 times more CO2 than non-harvested trees. Cork oak trees in Portugal alone help offset 10 million tons of carbon every year which is yet another reason to love these gorgeous cork trays.

Made in Portugal

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Dimensions Cork and leather handle. Made in Portugal (⌀) 30 cm
Durable for everyday use. Wipe with a damp cloth to clean.
Packaging non-bleached recycled cardboard and i100% recyclable.

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