Greatest Candle in the world box  and sashes of colour set dyes  for diy candle making
Closed box of Greatest Candle in the World Colour Set candle making

Eco Friendly Candle Colour Set

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Welcome to the world of DIY candle making!  This pack of colour sets will allow you to colour your ecological candles. 

Pack includes 4 sachets containing CMYK colours (2g each sachet):
1x Blue pellets
1x Magenta pellets
1x Yellow pellets
1x Black pellets

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Dimensions 6 cm × 5 cm × 3 cm
Net Weight 4 x 2 g

Preparation time 2 min

Depending on the colour tone you wish to achieve you can add more or less pellets. 

  1. Colour pellets should be added at the end, before wax cooling and wick placing, when wax is still liquid and hot. We recommend 1-4 pellets per standard candle (100 ml + 20 g of ecological powdered wax), depending on the colour intensity you desire
  2. Once added the pellets to the liquid wax, stir well until the colour is well blended
  3. You can now pour the mixture into your container, place the wick in your ecological candle and wait until solid

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