Jelly Jar
Cookplay Jelly Jar Matte White
Jelly Jar
Jelly Jar

Jelly Jar

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We adore the new Jelly Jar from Cookplay. The tactile fluidity of the Jelly collection - its organic design feels like holding a little piece of nature in your hand - lends itself perfectly to both a formal or informal setting and fulfils our product selection brief perfectly as it can be used for serving water or other drinks and also as a stunning vase or recipient for kitchen spoons or whatever purpose you choose. 

Jelly is the latest collection from Cookplay bringing "the beauty of organic fluidity" to your table.  This risk taking Basque company endeavours to create the new generation of tableware and breakdown the formality of traditional tableware without compromising functionality and pure design.

Mix and match the different shapes from Cookplay's collections to achieve the most contemporary yet fluid effect on your dinner table.

Designed in Spain

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Dimension 11 cm  x 9 cm x 22 cm -  1 L
Finish Matte
 / Glazed

Durable for everyday use. Professional dishwasher safe, microwave safe and suitable for oven to gratinate and keep warm.

Care Biscuit is pure porcelain from the oven at 1,300 degrees, unglazed. It has no pores so it is a material with great properties in terms of density, hardness and easy to clean superficially. However, stubborn stains from food or flatware must be removed before the dishwasher with soap and the green part of the sponge (e.g Scotch Brite).

Cookplay is an avant-garde designer tableware brand created by the basque industrial designer Ana Roquero. In a very short period of time, Cookplay has achieved a global presence and has garnered numerous national and international awards in the field of design, business and hospitality.

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