Lorenzo Design Jigugu textured walnut presentation board for entertaining
Lorenzo Design Jigugu textured walnut serving board close up
Lorenzo Design selection of round and rectangular textured walnut and carbonised ash wood serving boards
Lorenzo Design Jigugu textured walnut serving board with jamon iberico and wooden pate knife
Lorenzo Design Jigugu wooden serving board sitting on textured countertop

Jigugu Serving Board - Walnut

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Made from an individual piece of textured solid walnut, the beautiful Jigugu wooden presentation boards offer a unique way of serving appetisers to your guests. Extremely tactile, they add a decorative flair to your entertaining and can be used in both informal and formal settings due to the quality of their craftsmanship.

These unique wooden products are produced in Galicia by family wood craft workshop Estudio Sangiovanni.  The company is well known for producing tableware for haute cuisine, working with successful gastronomic restaurants throughout Europe. San Lorenzo's pieces do not have an expiration date - they are timeless. 

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Dimensions 20cm (l) x 30 cm (w) x 2 cm (h)
Materials All and processes respect the environment and people, promoting responsible production and consumption. Estudio Sangiovanni's products are completely handmade, usually from a single piece of noble wood. Wood is a living material and even after it is cut, it remains alive for a long time, absorbing and releasing humidity from and back into the environment. It is a sustainable, natural, warm and durable material. 
Care Simple care of your pieces will guarantee years of reliable use:
Do not wash in the dishwasher - hand wash with warm water and soap
Do not use aggressive cleaning products or scouring pads that scratch
Dry the wood completely with a cloth or air-drying before storing - do not use heat sources for drying
These pieces are not designed to be used as cutting boards.

Sangiovanni and Lorenzo are the surnames of the company's predecessors - the company's continued success is a tribute to the entrepreneurial, searching and artistic spirit of the current generation's parents and grandparents. Theo origin of Estudio Sangiovanni was a wood craft workshop. Later, they opened a physical store in the old area of ​​​​Santiago de Compostela and since 2018 they have been designing pieces and tableware for haute cuisine for internationally recognised restaurants and hotels. In 2020 they further expanded the project creating more commercial functional and artistic pieces for the home.

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