Cookplay Jomon 12 groove bamboo serving tray with six white Jomon porcelain appetiser bowls and six wontons served on reeds
Cookplay Jomon 12 groove bamboo serving tray

Jomon Bamboo Sharing Tray

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This elegant and unique appetisers sharing board has been designed by the iconic Spanish brand Cookplay.  Made from bamboo wood, this tray can be used by itself to present delicious canapes or tapas. The board can also be used in conjunction with the Jomon porcelain shell shaped bowls which can easily be held in your hand to eat hot or cold bowl food. 

Cookplay is an avant-garde designer tableware brand created by the basque industrial designer Ana Roquero. In a very short period of time, Cookplay has achieved a global presence and has garnered numerous national and international awards in the field of design, business and hospitality.

Designed in Spain

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Dimensions 52cm x 22cm x 1cm
Durable for everyday use

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