Les Beaux Papiers - As Deep As Red
Les Beaux Papiers - As Deep As Red

Les Beaux Papiers - As Deep As Red

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Scent Profile:  Spicy patchouli and tonka accords blend with a sweet and fruity gourmand background revealed by the scent of jasmine flower.

The beautiful packaging of Cerabella's Les Beaux Papier is inspired by the beauty and magnetism of 18th and 19th century book end papers which were often created using unique paper marbling techniques originating from the Middle East and Asia. This collection of scented candles from Cerabella are treasures for sight and smell and make wonderful gifts.

Presented in an elegant satin black glass glass with Cerabella's signature in gold. 

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Dimensions 10 cm  x 11 cm
Composition Vegetable wax - black glass vessel
Duration 60 hours
Weight 350 g

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