Recycled Leather Luggage Tag
Recycled Leather Luggage Tag
Recycled Leather Luggage Tag

Recycled Leather Luggage Tag

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The perfect accessory to identify your luggage or travel bags. With a lot of space to enter your personal data. Handmade in Argentina with 100% recycled leather.

If you are leaving for a trip and you don't know how to identify your suitcase yet, look no further, we have the ideal solution. Made of 100% recycled leather, it includes a card where you can enter your personal data. Add a touch of elegance to your suitcase by choosing one of the 3 colours available with our world design.

Product Credentials
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More Information

Dimensions: 21 cm x 7 cm
Material: Recycled leather (waste from industries that use leather as a raw material to give it a second life. The fragments are recovered, cleaned, and mixed with latex and other natural fibres before being transformed into sheets with solid and uniform consistency. The result is very durable, sustainable and safe leather).
Thickness leather: 2 mm
Thickness product: 1.5 cm

Product Care
Clean with a damp cloth
Do not immerse in water and/or soap
Do not place hot objects such as pots or pans on top

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