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Opening Collection

Opening Collection

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Objects "tell stories about those who made them their own, knew how to look after them and dreamed of them being given as presents to loved ones or passed on as a cherished legacy to their heirs" - Antonio Serrano.

This collection of iconic objects would make a lovey gift. Their different colours interact to generate interesting effects of light and shadow and can be rearranged for continually refresh your home or office environment.

Set of 4 houses

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Material Solid beech - metallic painted on one side. PEFC certified sustainable wood


1 Piece: 5.6cm (l) x 3cm (w) x 19.6cm (h)
1 Piece: 5.6cm (l) x 3cm (wx 17cm (h)
1 Piece: 5.6cm (l) x 3cm (wx 14cm (h)
1 Piece: 5.6cm (l) x 3cm (wx 11.2cm (h)

Care instructions Wipe with a dry cloth

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