Plain Mohair blankets from Mantas Ezcaray sitting folded on a table
Plain Mohair blankets from Mantas Ezcaray blankets sitting folded on a table
Rose wood coloured mohair blanket
Burnt orange mohair blanket
Mantas Ezcaray Basalt Grey folded mohair blanket
Mantas Ezcaray cool blue mohair blanket
Mantas Ezcaray taupe mohair blanket
Mantas Ezcaray cream mohair blanket
Handcrafted Mohair Blanket

Handcrafted Mohair Blanket

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Proving that La Rioja produces more than just fine wine, traditional weavers Mantas Ezcaray produce these beautifully soft, warm and lightweight mohair blankets utilising the same techniques they have been using since the 1930s.

Mohair comes from Angora goats, and is known for its soft, silky texture, its thin fibres, and what knitters refer to as a halo or fluffiness. It is much warmer and lighter than wool due to the hollow core of the angora fibre. These are heirloom blankets made from angora goat wool and make any night at home a special one.

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Composition 73% Mohair + 24% Wool + 3% Polyamide
Size 130 x 200cm
Weight 450gr/m2

Care Instructions
Mohair is a natural fibre that stands out for its innumerable qualities but it needs to be well cared for to maximise these attributes. Being a natural fibre, Mohair blankets will always shed some hair. This is totally normal and there is nothing to be alarmed about.

Do not wash
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Do not Iron
Dry clean only

To maintain look your blanket as its best, use a hard bristle clothes-brush, always in the direction of the nap. To check that you are brushing in the right direction, there is a very quick way to check - when combing in the direction of the hair the result is that the blanket is very smooth. If you comb against the grain, the hair stands on end and it is difficult to pass the brush, so that direction is wrong.

Once the blanket has been brushed well, check whether a lot of hair has remained on the brush. If there is a lot of hair, this means that the blanket is somewhat dry. In this case it is advisable to moisten it a little with a water spray and brush it again. When the blanket takes a little moisture you will notice that the appearance is changing. As soon as it dries it will look perfect, as if it were just released.

At the end of the winter season, if you think that you will not need the blanket until the following season, it is advisable to shake it a little, air it, then brush it, fold it well and place it in a plastic bag in a closed place. In this way, the blanket will keep its conditions intact for the new season.

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