Three Sommergrun outdoor citronella and cucumber candles on garden stairs
Cerabella Sommergrun large brown citronella and cucumber outdoor candle
Cerabella Sommergrun medium brown citronella and cucumber outdoor candle

Sommergrün Cucumber & Citronella Candle - Terracotta

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Sommergrün is the beginning of summer, it is the feeling of walking barefoot on the freshly cut grass, it is having a refreshing cocktail in your garden during a warm summer night without fear of the tedious insect bites.

Cerabella's oversize Sommergrün citronella and cucumber candle is a great tool to have in your war against mosquitos!  The scent is a wonderfully fresh combination of citronella, nature's insect repellent, and cucumber. Cerabella uses a unique combination of Javanese citronella with natural essence of eucalyptus alongside Sicilian lemon and orange essential oils to create a Mediterranean perfume with refreshing notes of cucumber essence - ideal for the summer time. These candles are larger than the usual citronella candles and have thick wicks which are ideal for any outdoor space.

With a contemporary rustic look, the vessels are handmade and crafted from 100% organic material - plant based wax in an ecological recycled stone container. Each ceramic candle vessel is unique, wearing its imperfections as a testament to its crafted nature.

In keeping with our philosophy, when you have finished with this candle you can make your own using one of our "The Greatest Candle in the World" kits or use it as an indoor or outdoor planter.

Cerabella candle care kit

Candle Care Click HERE to view our Candle Care Kit designed to get the most enjoyment out of your candle

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More Information

Medium 20 cm (⌀) x 10 cm (h) - For outdoor use
Large 27 cm (⌀) x 14 cm (h) - For outdoor use

Approximate Duration

Medium 40 hours
Large 60 hours

Materials Plant-based wax, citronella and cucumber essence, stone pot

Hint Remember that the first burn is the most important! In order to ensure that you have an even burn and no tunnelling, candles should burn one hour for every 1 inch in diameter of the actual candle size

Never leave burning candles unattended

As unique handmade pieces, measurements and colours may vary slightly

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