Greatest Candle in the World box of wicks for candleholders with a diameter between 3cm and 5cm. 100% cotton.

Tea Light Wicks

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Welcome to the world of DIY candle making!  These wicks are designed to guarantee a clean, smoke-free, long-lasting and integral wax burn.  Lead free and made from 100% cotton, they are for small candleholders with a diameter between 3cm and 5cm.

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Quantity 50 wicks
Net Weight 20g

Preparation time: 2 min

  1. Choose a suitable wick for your container
  2. Adjust the shape of the wick to make sure it is as straight as possible
  3. Place the wick on the wick holder
  4. Hold the end of the inserted wick and place it into the container, as centred as possible with the help of the wick holder
  5. The wick holder should be supported on the sides of the container. Once the ecological wax is well blended (oil + wax + colour) and poured into the desired container, you can place the wick to finish the candle making process

Trim the wick to 5mm before each use and avoid exceeding 3 – 4h of continuous burning. This prevents uneven burning and soot release.

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