White Jasmine - Diffuser Refill
White Jasmine - Diffuser Refill

White Jasmine - Diffuser Refill

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Castelbel's long-lasting 900ml Fragrance Refills allow you to fill your favourite space with their sublime fragrances without having to worry about refreshing too often. 

They can be used in all Castelbel and Portus Cale Refills or to refill other brand diffusers that you may own. Its oil-based perfume is alcohol-free and is scented with essential oils allowing for a long-lasting and pleasant aroma.

Natural coloured reeds included.

More Information

White Jasmine Refined and sweet – such is the scent of White Jasmine, a perfume that adds a touch of luxury to any space.

Size 900ml  - 8 cm x 9 cm x 24 cm

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