Adios Amigos | Farewell from La Peninsula

Dear customers, friends, family and other supporters 


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It is with a heavy heart that we have taken the difficult decision to close La Peninsula.  After more than two years of discovery, effort, hard work and a lot of fun, we are enormously proud of the brand that we have built. We have learnt so much in the process and it would have been impossible to achieve without the help, support and belief from all of our family, friends and wonderful customers - Thank you all so much for sharing this journey with us! 

Making the decision to establish a business post-Covid, and Brexit was always going to be challenging. We navigated the choppy waters of new customs regulations and processes from Europe and persevered with supply chain delays brought about by Covid restrictions and global supply problems.  The consequences of both of these very different issues also impacted on logistics and labour costs which have made it difficult to be competitive in a UK market saturated with much cheaper homeware sourced from non-EU countries. The current economic environment has not been favourable for a small business, especially when non-essential items are low priority for so many people. We started out with big intentions but these realities have been very difficult to overcome despite our enthusiasm and there comes a point when difficult choices have to be made. In this failure, we have gained so much and like many entrepreneurs before us, we are sure that this will be an incredibly useful experience for any ventures we embark on in the future. 

It is our intention to continue trading via the website until the 31st December 2023 after which we will officially close the business. We still have some stock in our warehouse and we are having a Farewell Sale, with a blanket 30% off all in-stock items on our website. No code is required and will be added automatically at the checkout.  If you are based in London or fancy visiting us, we would also like to invite you to celebrate with us at our Final Clearance Sale - see details below. This will be a great opportunity to pick up some pre-Christmas bargains and stocking fillers. Please "Save the Date "- it would be wonderful to share our closing moments with you all over a glass of cava!

Save the Date - la Peninsula farewell sale
We would love you to join us at our final clearance sale of all remaining stock at:
20 Terrapin Road, London SW17 8QN
Thursday 9th November 6 - 9 pm &
Friday 10th November 10 - 2 pm
RSVP | Deborah (M) 07971576274

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